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 About Renae

I love the heart! As a nurse I am fascinated physically, emotionally and spiritually with the intricacies of the heart. Each of us have a unique heart beat and purpose. I came to understand on a deep heart level the consequences of not being true to yourself and following your internal compass. These experiences – along with raising two amazing daughters to adulthood, my academics and research led me to feel very passionate about the hearts of young women today. With a deep desire to restore healing and self respect in the hearts of young women is the reason why I created this program. I love seeing young women, who are our future generation, grab hold of the truth of who they intrinsically are and move forward in their hearts purpose.


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It’s important for young women to be connected internally in order not to be taken away from themselves. Learning to navigate their inner reality helps them stay grounded in themselves. If they aren’t grounded and if they aren’t connected to a strong sense of identity, the choices they make can be life altering. Growing up in a highly sexualized society can often leave them confused and questioning where there value comes from. This is causing so much anxiety and depression and distracting young women from their true purpose.  True Beauty comes from the posture of the heart and those internal qualities that make each of us unique and special.

My focus is on helping them understand themselves and others so that they can walk with purpose into their destiny. It has been my privilege and honor over the last 10 years to speak into the hearts of young women.


“Be the Queen of your Heart”Renae Peterson

About the Program

Getting to the heart of it….

That is the core of what Beauty From The Inside Out is all about!

The true beauty of everyone is based upon what is on the inside.  And when that beauty is strong inside of oneself it will shine brightly through to the surface for all to see.

With an honest, compassionate, straight forward approach Renae teaches and provides the real world tools for every young women to understand the true nature of beauty and how to master it internally.

These young women will learn how to respect themselves, to not give themselves away, repel the barrage of societal pressures, negative peers, the sexualized media and to stand tall in their true identity.  To find their own voice, and when and how to say no to damaging external forces that will not serve them in becoming all they can be.

Participants will be challenged. For the heart work is the hard work.  The reward of that hard work is that the young women who take the program go on in life with an inspired heart and will ultimately inspire the same in others.  What they learn can be implemented in their lives on a daily basis and for the rest of their lives.  These tangible skills will include:

  • What it means to be truly beautiful
  • Honouring your heart
  • Communication with self and others
  • Confidence / Self Respect
  • Media deconstruction
  • Leadership
  • Following your dreams

For more than 10 years Renae has taken hundreds of young women on their own personal road to self discovery and empowerment.

You are invited to participate, or have that precious young woman in your life be a part of this transformation to real and lasting internal beauty that never fades.

Please review the testimonials to see how young women who have taken the course have benefitted and found their true, authentic self.